come on, eileen

My god, THE ENTIRE STATE OF HAWAII is in on it!

My god, THE ENTIRE STATE OF HAWAII is in on it!

Birthers! We love them, right? So much hilarity. They are a fringe group of frothing lunatics, and Professional Crazy People like G. Gordon Liddy.

And yet, the GOP still can’t bring themselves to say “Come on, guys. Really.” This is why they will eventually become as irrelevant a political party as the Bull Moose Party: They are so afraid of alienating anyone from their shrinking Big Tent that they will, at the least, not openly disagree with every insane spittle-flecked nugget of craziness that any conservative hobo can yack up. Such as that Obama’s mother planted fake birth announcements in, not one, but TWO Hawaiian newspapers back in 1961, just in case her son wanted to be POTUS one day. Why then she did not give him a more ‘Murican, less furrin-soundin name is not addressed.

The birther thing was actually losing momentum, probably due to its obvious stupidity, when it was catapulted into the national media spotlight by an insane heckler at Mike Castle’s townhall in Delaware. Surprise, surprise: She’s turned out to be a completely unhinged lunatic who’s so crazy that she’s been banned from calling into local talk radio, the mothership of craziness. They have given her the affectionate nickname of “Crazy Eileen”. Here is a clip of her claiming to be a psychic and ranting about aliens and Armageddon to Art Bell:

How did she know they were aliens? Did she demand to see their birth certificate??

This is your spokesperson, Birthers.


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