harry potter & head injuries

Saturday I want to see Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. I wasn’t feeling super-enthused about it, but I’ve seen all the other ones in the theater — even those shitty first two Christopher Columbus-directed ones. Usually I will take a weekday off when I want to see a movie, especially if it’s one whose primary audience is children, so as to avoid ankle-biters. But in summer there’s no way around it. Luckily the audio was so loud that I couldn’t hear their chattering and squealing.

I agree with most other people who said the pacing was weird: it felt RUSHEDRUSHEDRUSHED as they attempted to cram hundreds of pages into 180 or so minutes; except for a couple of parts where it slooooowed down weirdly, like when Ginny kisses Harry.

I didn’t not like it, though. Related: Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince in 15 Minutes.

The only other thing of note that happened this weekend was me falling in the shower while attempting to clean it, and bonking my head against the tiled wall so hard that I am honestly surprised I didn’t black out. I feel okay today, just a little tenderness where my head hit, and a little pain on the side that DIDN’T hit the wall — probably the result of my brain smashing up against the inside of the skull from the impact.

On CSI: people always keel over dead a few hours after a seemingly minor head injury, but I think I’m going to live. Guess who’s not cleaning the shower until an anti-slip mat of some kind is put in, though? If I’d been in a different position, I could have easily broken my nose or jaw. I could have lost an eye going through the shower door, which is not safety glass. (It’s an old house with old fixtures.)

This is like the third time in my life I’ve hit my head really really hard. I’m probably going to go senile in my 50s.


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