outfit of the day: sacred hearts

ootd sacred heartsUmm, WHY didn’t I think to put my Hearts on Fire socks with my heart rosary before?! The shoes I got at Thrift Town, $9.99

Speaking of socks, I may or may not have spent some money at Sock Dreams yesterday. (I totally did.) I should just sign my paycheck directly over to those guys.

black kelly diamond jester socks

cherry blossom socks

fast lane socks black charcoal

lilac black cotton inklined socks

And that should do it for now, I’ve gone through their entire stock of knee highs, and those were the ones I couldn’t live without. Although I will check every month or so to see what’s new; one of the great things about Sock Dreams is they have free shipping, so you can order just one pair and it’s not a waste of money. They get here fast, too. They’ve always shipped the same day I order them, and they’re here in a day or two. Sock Dreams is based in Portland, so they don’t have very far to go.

The only thing I really still need is a brown dress. (I bought that green one from Target; it’s not cotton, but it was on clearance for $15!) I found one yesterday at OneStopPlus.com, but they were out of most sizes, including any that would conceivably fit me.


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