further adventures in thrifting

van gogh tie and shoesI went back to Thrift Town this weekend. I can’t stay away from that place. I found 2 pretty good pairs of shoes, and a tie WITH VINCENT VAN GOGH’S “STARRY NIGHT” PRINTED ON IT, WHAT. God, I love the crazy ties you can only find at thrift stores.

I also got a couple of dresses. One is a gray-green shirt dress, but it’s made of that stretchy cotton they make t-shirts out of, and it’s a little too junky for work. But it was only $3.99 and it will be fine for weekends/Louisiana. The other one was a very nice sleeveless linen dress, it’s that undyed non-color that linen often is. It looks almost new (and was from Avenue originally — swanky!), and the armholes are big enough to accomodate a shirt underneath. So I think it will be good for work, while also making a nice sundress for the weekends.

dragonfly pinI also got this awesome dragonfly pin to add to my menagerie. Total price for everything: Just under $40.

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