i guess no one told zell we’re living in a “post-racial” world now

Invisible MoonPie

Invisible MoonPie

Let’s see, we haven’t heard any unhinged racist ranting from Zell Miller in a while, dare we to hope he’d quietly croaked and we just hadn’t heard about it?

Nope; he’s sadly still alive, still senatorin’, and still a bigoted douchebag:

“Our globe-trotting president needs to stop and take a break and quit gallivanting around,” Miller said, adding that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel needs to put “Gorilla Glue” on his chair to keep him in the Oval Office.

“Gorilla glue”. Yes, I’m totally sure you didn’t mean anything deragatory by choosing that brand over Krazy Glue or Elmer’s. You stay classy, Zell.



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  1. Julie
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 03:27:34

    I only hope he opens his mouth so that SNL will do skits on it…so please Zell, wait until the fall before you say anything more!

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