adventures in asian snack food: melon creamy soda

melon creamy sodaI never run out of new things to try when I shop at 99 Ranch. I always try to get something I’ve never eaten before on each trip — woman can not live on Pocky alone. Thus have I discovered the joys of Tomato Pretz, red bean paste cakes, and taro root flavored ice cream.

I noticed this soda last week and was dubious at the thought of a melon-flavored cream soda, but decided to give it a try. I bought a couple of the 16.5 oz. bottles for a $1.69 each (kinda pricey, but what the hey), put ’em in the fridge, and forgot about them for a couple of days. Then after I came home on Saturday, I was rummaging around for lunch and saw them.

*hesitant sip*



It’s delicious. The flavor is actually sort of a cross between honeydew melon and apple, and it’s more creamy flavored than, say, regular cream soda. Which I know sounds weird, but I swear, it’s actually really tasty and refreshing. Like most Asian sweets, it’s not OMGSWEET — Asians not being as fond of sugar as Westerners.

I also find it kind of strange that it doesn’t seem to have a brand name. It’s like that old Bill Hicks bit about “Orange Drink”.


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  1. char
    Jul 31, 2009 @ 13:17:15

    awesome lol. I go to a huge asian market about 20 minutes away whenever i can to load up on my asian snacks

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