shorter assholes everywhere re: regina benjamin as surgeon general

Regina Benjamin

Will place Twinkies at the base of the food pyramid, obviously.

No fat chicks.

I don’t know if the fact that I’ve been expecting this ever since I saw a photo of Dr. Benjamin makes me more or less agry. Frances Kissling writes with reason and dignity in Salon; yet all you have to do to see ugly, ignorant fat-hating rear its head is read the damn comments.

p.s. Read the Jezebel article on the subject for links as to why BMI is useless as any kind of measurement of health, most especially when it comes to black women. Megan rightly points out how weight is absolutely never a factor in the appointment of men to cabinet positions. People would laugh in your face if you even brought it up. Yet it’s perfectly acceptable to use it as some kind of dealbreaker for women, even when they’re being considered for positions that have nothing at all to do with health.


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  1. Jennifer K
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 07:29:12

    Well, if Dr. Laura can teach us about morals despite rarely having morals herself, I think this wonderfully accomplished and qualifed doctor can be our Surgeon General despite not being a size two.

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