outfit of the day: brown, blue, & green geometry

ootd brown blue and green geometricsOops, I cut the top of my head off. Socks are from Target, they were $5.99 and also came with a dark brown and a light brown pair. Tie is from St. Vincent de Paul and cost a whole dollar. The non-blue color sometimes looks green and sometimes brown, so the socks kind of tie it together. Ha ha, “tie it together”, GET IT?! The tie tack is a repurposed earring and the shoes I already owned.

earring tie tack green and brownSmooove. As I was coming into the office today, one of the deans stopped and was like “Oh! That’s… you look nice. That whole *points up and down*… thing. It’s nice.” Like, you could tell he’d literally never complimented a girl on her clothes before.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that I look like a huge freak and he was just being tactful.

I noticed on the bus this morning that the sole on my left shoe is starting to peel away, which makes me sad. I love these shoes, but they are pretty old. On the other hand, it does give me an excuse to buy (even more) shoes. I’ve never been into shoes before, it’s kind of fun. I’m definitely getting these and these. I’ll probably also get these, and possibly in patent black as well. And for brown I think I’ll split the difference with these tan shoes and these brown shoes. Also these, because why the hell not.

Seriously, that is pared down. I had a lot more bookmarked that either didn’t come any bigger than a size 6, or that I decided I could live without. They’re all cheap as hell, anyway.

I’m also perilously close to breaking one of my three rules and buying this dress. It’s not cotton, it’s rayon/polyester, which I kind of hate. But the color and the cut are dead-on, and it’s literally the ONLY solid green dress I’ve been able to find, ANYWHERE.


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