the angry dome’s special people*: cynthia yockey

*Meaning, the short bus kind of “special”.

wingnutThe credit for unearthing this precious new addition to the wingnut menagerie belongs to Sadly, No!. Ms. Yockey is a 55-year-old lesbian who read some spittle-flecked ranting on the intertubes about how Obama was a SOSHALIZT who was going to round up centrist Democrats and put them in forced labor camps, or something. So that proved to her that global warming is caused by sunspots, and now she’s a conservative.

Okay, there are 2 possibilities here:

  1. This woman was never a liberal, isn’t a lesbian, and is, in fact, Bill Kristol in blog drag. Or
  2. She really is that retarded, in which case she won’t be missed.

I think my favorite part of her blog is how every single entry ends with first an ad fellating some get-rich-quick scheme book titled How To Get Lots of Money For Anything – Fast!;  followed by a link in which she begs you to buy her food. No, really. Yes, this woman who can’t afford to feed herself has totally convinced me she that she possesses sekrit money-making magik!


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  1. Jennifer K
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 07:26:13

    I seriously doubt Cynthia Yucky (yes, I’m twelve) was ever a hardcore liberal. Claiming to have once been a liberal, feminist or lefty turned conservative is one of the biggest ways to get attention in wingnut land. I suspect Ms. Yucky fashions herself as the lesbian answer to Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin.

    I’ve also noticed people often describe themselves as former liberals when in actuality they were totally scummy in their youth. To them being the town jizz dumpster equals liberal, feminist or lefty. In fact, I do believe MS magazine advised us to have sex with anyone who will buy you a bag of chips rather then getting a college education.

    And as for Ms. Yucky asking for our hard-earned dollars? Well, that’s not a surprise either. In wingnut land everyone else is supposed to pick themselves up by their boot straps, but the wingnuts always have their handout. I came across one blog where the “writer” called people who fall on hard times horrible names like “derelicts” and “losers,” yet, she’s asking for her readers to pay for her husband’s medical bills. What is up with that?

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