one of the anchorbots at “fox & friends” says something breathtakingly stupid for the kajillionth day in a row

"Uh oh, I think I left my burning cross on fire at home!"

"Uh oh, I think I left my burning cross on fire at home!"

This time it was Brian “next thing you know a guy will be straddling me” Kilmeade’s turn to spout some sort of racist gibberish. During a discussion of a Swedish study that suggests married people are less likely to get dementia or senility, Kilmeade veered off onto some neo-Nazi tangent about how he doesn’t trust the Swedes to objectively study the subject because they have a “pure society”. Apparently, Perfesser Kilmeade thinks that disease happens when people marry other species (pretty sure we’re all Homo Sapiens, Mr. Wizard) and “ethnics”.

Along with everything else that’s wrong and rage-inducing about this line of thinking, Kilmeade is flat wrong: Anyone who breeds dogs or horses will tell you that expanding gene pools eliminates diseases. It’s why purebreds always have a host of endemic problems — bad hips, arthritis, epilepsy — and why the mutt we owned when I was a kid lived to be like 96 in dog years.

2 points of hilarity:

  1. The frozen look of “OH SHIT” from Gretchen Carlson; and her frantic efforts to shut Kilmeade the hell up, covered with a thin layer of hastily-applied forced joviality.
  2. Someone offstage whistling, I swear to god, “If I Only Had a Brain” around 00:45.

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