first roll from the holga

Umm, apparently this was a roll of black & white? I KNEW THAT!

It’s harder to tell with B&W, but the light leakage appears to be manageable. Other than taping the clips that hold the back on, I really didn’t tape the camera when I shot this roll.

pho noodles BW

I think this one is actually suited to black & white.

tree holga BW

rusty cars holga BW

I have a bazillion photos of these cars in color already, so it’s actually kind of cool to have it in B&W also.

mongolian hotpot holga BW

I don’t know, I just like the little cartoon ram in the sign.

daiso dolls holga BW 1

The shots in Daiso are the only ones I really regret not being in color. But it’s not like I’ll never have another opportunity to photograph the inside of Daiso.

daiso dolls holga BW 2

Ilike the Holga better than the Diana for shooting on the downlow. It’s got a flatter profile (and it’s black), so it’s less conspicuous. Plus the flash is an integrated part of the camera, so it’s much easier to use, and again, less obvious.

Post 9/11, you just never know who’s going to freak out about someone taking photos in public. OH NOES, FAT TERRORIST CHICKS ARE GOING TO BOMB THE JAPANESE HOUSEWARES STORE!!!

daiso holga BW


yosemite fresh oranges holga BW


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