first attempt at a uniform project type outfit

black shirt dress with hearts on fire socks

Yeah, that’s my office. There’s no good place in the farmhouse to take self-photos!

I’ve been scouring every known plus size fashion store/website in the known universe, and not having any luck finding the kinds of dresses I want. I have 3 requirements: Solid colors in any shade of grey, brown, and green; knee-length skirt and short or 3/4 sleeves; and 100% cotton. I’ve found a hunded dresses that meet 2 of the requirements and none that meet all 3. This dress would be PERFECT… except Target only has it in the smaller plus sizes. AAARGH. If I find a white or off-white dress that meets all the requirements, I think I’ll get it and dye it brown or green.

hearts on fire socks and red shoesThe shoes are also from Target and the socks are from Sock Dreams. I’m not a shoe-loving gal, they’re usually the part of clothing that interests me the least and I tend to get by with just brown and black ballet flats or mary janes. But I’m trying to branch out a little more.

red chinese banglesI’ve had these red bangles forever. I’m pretty sure I bought them in Chinatown, back when I used to work in San Francisco. My office was just down the hill from the Grant St. gate and I used to go there on my lunch break.

socks from sock dreamsThese are the socks I bought from Sock Dreams last week. I HAVE CUPCAKE SOCKS, YOUR ARGUMENT IS IRRELEVANT.









ETA: I blogged this at Fatshionista, and I’m remembering now why I keep quitting that group (and re-joining it months later when I’ve forgotten why I quit): The narcissistic knobs saying they simply do not care for novelty knee socks, how droll. If you think they look bad on me for some reason, that’s relevant. Sticking your nose in the air because YOU don’t like what I’M wearing is not. Fuck you very much.

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