the uniform project

Via Jezebel comes this really interesting blog: The Uniform Project: 1 Dress, 365 Days. As an “exercise in sustainable fashion”, Sheena Matheiken has vowed to wear the same dress every day for a year. (And she started on May 1, so you don’t have too much catching up to do if you want to follow this from the beginning). She has 7 identical black dresses, one for each day of the week — obviously she couldn’t wear literally the same dress every day, it would fall apart long before the year was up.

The catch is that she can accessorize it any way she wants, but she says most of the accessories are gifts or thrift store finds. (She also seems obsessed with the site Sock Dreams, which I totally understand.) The dress itself was specially tailored, and can be worn with either side facing front, or even open (one side buttons up) over layers.

She’s soliciting donations which, at the end of the year, will be given to the Akansha Foundation, a grassroots non-profit that provides low-income children with educational funding (for books, uniforms, etc.).

I’m really glad that I found about this site this week, because I’m going shoping for clothes this weekend (I have to work on Saturday, I’ll probably go afterwards). I haven’t bought any warm-weather clothes in forever; everything I have is either long-sleeved or made of too thick a material or has to be worn with tights. And I’ve been wanting to have more of a mix & match wardrobe, I have too many skirts and blouses that only go with each other and nothing else. I love the idea of simple dresses that can be worn a hundred different ways. Target has a few such dresses on their website right now, I hope they’re in the stores.

black kimono dress

black shirred dress

black smock dress

The sleeveless one could even be worn with short-sleeved or 3/4-sleeved blouses underneath. They come in other colors too, so I’ll probably want to get at least one brown one. I really hate earth tones with black, or black and brown together, or certain colors with one or the other. (Black and yellow together gives me horrible junior high school gym outfit flashbacks: We were the “Thornton Thunderbolts”.)

I also really love these 2 dresses, which don’t really go with the whole idea… I just think they’re really cute. I don’t know if I have a big enough bust to pull off the blue dress, though.

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