“zombieland” trailer, fuck yeah!

This is the movie that made Woody Harrelson beat up a photographer. “I thought he was a zombie” was his defense. Method acting goes too far sometimes.

Seriously though, this movie looks like a good time. I like the zombie genre, but the movies in it tend to be depressing. You know, they spend 90+ minutes making you care about this little group of survivors, only to have them all get picked off one by one. Until you’re down to the last pair, that you’ve invested the most emotion in… and they invariably die right before the credits roll. RIP-OFF. It’s why I liked World War Z so much, because you knew from the start, by virtue of the fact that these people were being interviewed 10 years after the war, that they’d survived.

I’m hoping the lighter tone evident in this trailer isn’t misleading — remember how we all thought Thelma & Louise was some kind gal pal road comedy? I don’t know what’s more awesome: The use of Van Halen’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” (yes, the two explanation points are actually part of the title); or the zombie getting a piano dropped on its head. (Or is it “his” head? I never think of zombies as having genders.) Zombie Kill of the Week!


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  1. Dana
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 08:36:33

    The filmed this at the amusement park where my husband works. I even have some students who are extras. Whee.

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