2 unrelated items that aren’t big enough to merit a whole post on their own

king-tutKing Tut is coming back to San Francisco! Oh man, I was 4 the last time he was in the Bay Area! I am totes going to take a day off from work to go to the de Young and check it out.

It’s funny, because Tutankhamun was a pretty unimportant pharaoh in the grand scheme of history (although his rule saw the restoration of the old religion after his father had outlawed it in favor of a sort of primitive monotheism; but that was more the work of the priests than Tut, who was only 9 when he ascended the throne). But his tomb is still the most intact ever found. Legend has it that when Howard Carter broke through the wall and thrust his torch in, and Lord Carnarvon asked him what he saw, Carter answered “Wonderful things”.

cncelledwonderflls_2I’m halfway through the last disc of Wonderfalls, and I really hope they pull it together by the end. I hate the overly-manufactured romantic melodrama that’s consumed the previous two episodes.

However, I do appreciate the latter episodes for featuring more Lee Pace. Very few actors could make me laugh with the line “Are you saying I make love like a black man?”, instead of making me throw things at the television. Plus Lee Pace + epic bedhead = ADORABLE.

Speaking of Lee Pace, I got all caught up in my True Blood marathon (not to mention my sleep deprivation) last Saturday and totally blanked on the very last ep of Pushing Daisies. Eek! I assume I can still watch it at ABC.com, but I think I’ll wait for the DVDs, which are coming out next week. I’m in no hurry, because once I watch it, that’s it! No more new eps, ever. I have a sad.

ETA: Watched the last 2 eps of Wonderfalls last night. Jaye & Eric 😀 You are forgiven, show.


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