wasted saturdays & true blood

raindrop leaf

I honestly don’t know why I had to come in on Saturday. I was here for 5 hours (but paid for a whole day) and did, maybe, 5 minutes of work. It was a waste of my time and their money. And I had to walk here in a fucking drizzle that got my shoes wet. *grumble*

It threw my sleep schedule off and I got less than 5 hours of sleep Friday night, so after swinging by 99 Ranch for groceries, I went straight home after work and watched True Blood until I fell asleep at midnight and slept for 10 hours. You know, Videogum despises that show, and even though none of the stuff they say about it is wrong… I really like it. Which is odd, because usually vampires are so not my thing. And oh my stars, there is a lot of fucking in it.

I’ve seen Stephen Moyer in other stuff and always thought he was really wooden, but I like him in this. His delivery is really good; you really believe that this is someone who grew up during the antebellum South, but it’s subtle enough not to be grating or seem overdone.

I think my favorite character is Sam Merlotte. The question of what the hell his deal is was actually more interesting to me than all the other stuff going on. I love how offended he was when Sookie asked if he was a werewolf. Hee! I think I like him because he’s a straight up white hat good guy (if he’s turned out to be an evil scumbag in season 2, I’d rather not know), which makes sense because SPOILER ALERT… he’s a dog. Well, a shapeshifter with an affinity for dogs. Whatever.

I’m kinda bummed Rene turned out to be the killer. He was cute. Also, you don’t often get to hear serious backwoods Cajun accents on teevee. (Yes, Cajuns actually call themselves “Coonasses”. It’s like “nigger” with black people: They can call themselves that, but non-Cajuns better not try it in their hearing.)

Ugh, sucks (heh heh) that I’ll have to wait like a year to see season 2. Or wait, it’s not on Hulu, is it?

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