holga & breaking bad


I finally bought myself a Holga! They’re pretty cheap, cheaper than a Diana — well, you could probably find a Diana for next to nothing on eBay or wherever, but I’d rather pay more money for something I can have NOW. Bargain-hunting is not something I generally have the patience for.

Anyway, I bought the model with the color flash wheel. In addition to a regular white flash, you can also get a blue, red, or yellow flash by turning the wheel at the top. The camera also seems easier to modify for 35mm than the Diana; you don’t need a special back, just some tape and a couple pieces of foam. There’s no way to rewind the film in the camera though, so you have to find a room as close to perfectly dark as you can get, take it out, and rewind it manually. I might try it eventually, but for now I think I’ll just see what she does with medium format.

I bought the kit, which comes with a roll of black electrical tape (which, as you can see, I’ve used to tape the back on, because the clips that hold it on seem kind of rickety, and I’d hate to have it pop off and expose the film inside). This is because the Holga is notorious for having light leaks, worse even than the Diana. But until I shoot the first roll and see how much it leaks, I’m going to hold off taping it. A little bit of light just adds to a toy camera’s unpredictable charm, and if it isn’t so bad that the photos are totally obliterated, I probably won’t bother taping it up.

I don’t know when I’ll get that first roll shot though, because this month has been the definition of June Gloom. Although, it is a FLASH camera…

In addition to my Amazon order, last night I also finally received the first disc of the first season of Breaking Bad, which I have been dying to see, but which was on very long wait at Netflix for MONTHS. I really wanted to watch the second season while it was playing, but I have this total horror of watching television shows out of order and HAD to see the first season first. Maybe I’ll be caught up by the time the third season starts and I can watch it as it airs.

Anyway, it’s really good so far (high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, teams up with former student to cook meth so he doesn’t leave his family in debt), Bryan Cranston is fucking awesome. The whole “inoperable lung cancer” thing makes me worry that the show has a built-in expiration; but the second episode started almost literally where the first left off, and if they do that, and don’t have real-time lags between seasons, they could stretch it pretty far.

It was kind of unbelievable how fast Walter came to the “Hmm, think I’ll cook meth!” conclusion; but then again, I appreciate that they didn’t dick around when we all knew it was gonna happen. USA’s new show Royal Pains did that with the pilot, it’s about a hotshot doctor who gets canned when a rich benefactor dies on his watch and becomes a private doctor for snooty rich people in the Hamptons. The pilot was 90 minutes, and it was only that long because it had WAY too much of Hank dragging his feet and protesting about how noble he is. So kudos for getting to the fucking point fast, A&E.


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