some photos taken this week

tea six sign

I like the sign on this new tea shop that’s next to 99 Ranch, especially the festive pineapple thingies hanging from it. I wanted to get more of the window, which has a cool neon sign, but unfortunately when I downloaded the photo on flickr, I realized some dumb bitch was staring slack-jawed directly into the camera, so I had to crop a lot out. I didn’t even notice her when I was taking the photo, I was concentrated on the sign. She probably thought I was taking a picture of her, I hate when that happens.

tea six lomo


old rusty cars

Here’s that Bel Air again, this time parked next to an equally rusty old car. I don’t think either of these get driven; the owners just occasionally move them into the driveway so they won’t get ticketed for having a junked car on the street.

old rusty cars 1960s

Seemed like a natural subject for a “1960s” effect


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