i don’t sweat much for a fat chick

shinn park japanese garden lomo

There are 2 things I hate. Well, there are a lot more than 2, truth be told; but only 2 that are relevant to this entry, so let’s stick with them:

  1. Backhanded “compliments”. Or “complesults”, which is a word I just now made up. Catchy!
  2. Unasked-for criticism.

I made the above photo on Monday. I was looking through the digital batch I’d shot at Shinn Park a few years ago, and realized that there was a lot more blooming the first time I went. It was about 6 weeks earlier in the year. Anyway, I saved a version of this photo with the lomo effect, for no other reason than that I thought it was kind of pretty, because of all the pink.

And a couple hours later some jackass that I don’t know from Adam left a comment that said “Interesting postwork. It’s not convincing as a Lomo, but nice.” Maybe I’m over-reacting — it’s certainly not a rare happening — but I would qualify this as a DICK MOVE.

For one thing, NO ONE ASKED YOU, FUCKFACE. The only place this photo appeared is in my photostream. It was not posted to any groups, nor did I put HAI GUYZ, IS THIS AN EXAMPLE OF A “CONVINCING” LOMO??? anywhere on the photo. I do not subscribe to the belief that putting content on the internet is an invitation to criticize. This was clearly something I did only for my own amusement.

For another, I am not a professional photographer. I do not aspire or pretend to be one — it even says as much on my flickr profile. I am just a geeky girl who studied photography in high school and college and who now practices it as a fun hobby. I don’t give a fart in a hurricane if this photo is not “convincing”. Also, my “postwork”? Consisted of opening the photo in flickr’s editing program and hitting a button. Woe, I’m so devastated that my hard work didn’t convince you this was taken with a real lomo camera!

I probably could have shrugged it off if I thought he genuinely meant to be helpful. But “nice” and “interesting” are not compliments. You might as well say “Well, it didn’t make me vomit in disgust”. And “not convincing”? WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. That is not helpful or constructive criticism. That is just some stuck-up assclown being sniffy.

I left a reply that said “Gee thanks, no one’s given me a backhanded ‘compliment’ for almost a week, I was starting to wonder where all the passive-aggressive internet douchebags had gone”, then decided I didn’t want to waste energy on another pointless spat with some jerk. So I blocked him, which deleted his comment, then deleted my own.

Look, you are certainly free to not worship my skillz. But that was just needlessly assholish.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Julie
    Jun 04, 2009 @ 02:21:54

    People are assholes.

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