pretty parks and cleaning rants

Saturday was good shooting weather: Sunny and breezy, warm in the sun but cool in the shade. So I went to Shinn Park with my Diana. Shinn Park is like this undiscovered treasure in Fremont, it’s totally beautiful, but I’ve never seen crowds there. Maybe they get them when they open up the house for tours. I was there for a couple of hours, and I only saw one couple having a picnic on the lawn (using ASL, they must have been students at California School for the Deaf), and a couple of parents wandered through with toddlers in tow, but nothing like the hordes of people you see at Lake Elizabeth on a Saturday.

I didn’t take many digital photos, because I took lots the last time I was there, but here are a couple shots I didn’t remembering getting last time:

shinn park palms horizontal

I like the way the 2 small palms in the background echo the 2 large palms in the foreground.

shinn park palms vertical

A vertical shot of the large plams that shows one of the wooden gates leading into the interior garden.

shinn park cupola and gazebo

I like the way the top of the gazebo and the top of the cupola have similar shapes.

shinn park cupola and gazebo lomo

And here is the same shot with the lomo effect applied, because I still really like this cheesy effect, even though I have actual Lomography cameras.

I dropped the 35mm roll (I shot one 35mm and one 120) off to be developed on the way home, but I was too lazy to go pick it up yesterday.

Sunday when I went out into the kitchen, Bonnie was going nuts, scrubbing shit with a toothbrush. No, LITERALLY. She said she’s sick of Annoying Housemate never pulling her weight, and if she doesn’t start doing her share of the cleaning, Bonnie’s going to hire a service and make AH pay for it. Does that mean I don’t have to clean, either?

Bonnie sometimes reaches Joan Crawford levels of anal-retentiveness (seriously: A TOOTHBRUSH), but I understand her anger. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen is in our rental agreement. The way I see it, it’s part of our rent, and not doing it is the same as paying half the rent and just shrugging it off like “Oh well, NBD”. Still, Bonnie should have never let it go on this long. She’s too much of a push-over.


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