i would like to volunteer my services helping to re-build the vulcan race

pon farr hit it

Before this spring, I could have pretty much taken or left Zachary Quinto. I didn’t think he was ugly or anything, I just didn’t care much about him one way or the other. (When I watched Heroes, it was pretty much a tie between Mohinder and Nathan for Cutest Hero.) But I think the non-stop reblogging of ZQ/Star Trek picspam on tumblr has brainwashed me, because now I’m totally obsessed with Baby Spock. THANKS INTERNET, LIKE I WASN’T ENOUGH OF A DORK ALREADY.

I was on the way home from the movie on Sunday when the true meaning of Spock’s line about “re-building the Vulcan race” hit me and I started giggling like a crazy person. Luckily I was on the bus, and didn’t stand out. “Re-building the Vulcan race” = TIME TO GET FUCKIN’!


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