“dolan’s cadillac” trailer

It gives away pretty much the entire plot, including the end, so if you never read the Stephen King short story and might want to see the movie, you may want to skip it… or the last minute, anyway.

I don’t think this is a theatrical trailer (it’s too long), I think it’s a trailer the production company made to shop around to studios. I don’t see this movie getting a wide release, which is too bad because I kind of want to see it. Although it looks like something I’d Netflix, rather than see in the theater, anyway.

It’s typical Hollywood WTF-ery that they cast Wes Bentley in what is a nondescript, middle aged guy part in the story. (And of course they have to make the wife pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. It’s totes okay to carbomb childless women, y’all!) But I like Wes Bentley and he doesn’t get enough work, so I’m not griping too loudly. Plus, dude is creepyhot. In fact, when I heard he and Christian Slater were in it, I assumed Bentley was playing Dolan and Slater was the protagonist. Bentley just seems villainous to me. I think it’s his eyebrows. He has evil eyebrows.


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