belief in santa claus will now be mandatory for all americans!

You probably thought nothing could top NOM’s oft-parodied “The Gathering Storm” anti-gay mrriage PSA for sheer idiocy, right? Wrong! I present to you their latest opus, “Confused Children”:

Butbutbut if we allow same-sex marriage, children will be confused! We will have to be teach them new things! OH DEAR GOD, DON’T MAKE US TEACH OUR CHILDREN! Nothing should ever change! And also, we should outlaw fractions, because those confuse the fuck outta most kids.

The conservative excuses for keeping homosexuals as a permanent underclass without full civil rights in this country are becoming increasingly threadbare. Like I’ve said before: Dearies, just go ahead and admit it’s because you’re bigoted. It’s not like anyone is buying this “Save traditions! Think of the children!” crap anyway.


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