centerville pioneer cemetery: 35mm film shot in the diana f+

I called three different pro labs, and none of them could scan my negatives so the sprocket holes would show. On Saturday I actually managed to get hold of the one employee at Long’s that actually knew what she was doing, as opposed to the usual “Umm, I’m just filling in? I usually work at the make-up counter!” She gave it the old college try, but she could only ever get one edge to show.

I guess the only way you can get the sprocket holes to show is to use a scanner with a capacity for scanning 120 negatives (because when you use all of the surface area of a 35mm negative, it’s almost as big as a meduim format neg). Labs don’t use them, probably because they’re too slow. So until the magical day when I have my own scanner, I will have to defer my dream of sprocket hole photography.

But I’m still glad I bought the 35mm back for the Diana F+. 35mm shot in it has an entirely different look from 120. It often gets this ethereal, glow-y lighting that I’ve never seen in 120. Medium format has its own charms, of course, like the not-quite-focused look and the vignetting you only get with larger negatives. I like them both equally, because they’re different, and I’m glad I have the equipment to shoot both.

This is one of my favorite headstones in the cemetery. It only has her first name — which is the same as mine — and I like the lichen patches, too.

sarah headstone diana

pointing finger diana

mary decoto diana

judith flower diana

our frank close-up diana

This was the grave of a baby that died in the 1880s. I thought it fascinating that it had flowers by it. Fake flowers that look pretty old, but still.

baby flowers diana

I can’t tell what the hand is meant to be holding because the top is cracked off. It almost seems like… balloons? But that’s an odd image for a headstone!

damaged hand headstone diana

I admit it, I only took this photo because the name “Funck” amuses me. I am 12.

conrad funck diana

See? Glowy! It looks like there was Vaseline all over the lens.

charlie lamb diana

cenetrville pioneer cemetery diana


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Ramie
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 16:52:27

    On your last photo of Centerville Pioneer Cemetery in Fremont, you caught a very strange looking ethereal cloud in your photo. I think your photos are very interesting and clear. It looks like some ghostly images. Are you into ghost hunting?

  2. pinstripebindi
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 17:44:25

    No, but I am into cheap cameras with plastic lenses that leak light like sieves!

    It’s not a ghost, sweetie. It’s the camera.

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