heat, pretty journals, and weird australian movies

I didn’t do shit this weekend, because it was like a bajillion degrees. I was going to go to Shinn Park with my Diana, but the bus that goes down Peralta is weekday-only. (And I’m really glad I thought to check before leaving the house.) So then I thought maybe I could get halfway there from the other direction by taking the #213 down Mowry as far I could, then either walking or maybe finding another bus line. But then I went out onto the porch and the heat hit me like a giant’s breath, and I was like “eff this”.

So instead I went to the Hub, dropped some 35mm off for processing, and spent the afternoon basking in the A/C at Borders, where I bought Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond, and this journal:

book of kells journalIt’s the Book of Kells!

For a while I’ve been buying school notebooks for $1.50 at Daiso, because it’s cheaper than fancy-shmancy hardback notebooks. But lately I’ve felt my journaling has been really uninspired, and I’ve been skipping it a lot. (Ideally I’d like to write at least a page every day.) It’s been more of a dry recitation of the day’s events — which only takes a few sentences, as I am The Most Boring Person In The World — rather than how I feel about them.

So I thought maybe having a really nice journal to write in would inspire me. And I’ve written like 10 pages that I really like since Saturday night, so I think it’s working.

book of kells journal sewn spineI really like the sewn spine, because it allows the journal to lay open, perfectly flat, without having to be held in that position.

On Saturday I got Picnic at Hanging Rock from Netflix. Damn, Peter Weir’s movies from the 1970s are so creepy. I remember watching The Last Wave in a high school art class and being totally unsettled by it.


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