bill-o should really stick to “ambushing” people that are as dumb as he is

Do I make you horny?

Do I make you horny?

Because it’s kind of pathetic how quickly Janeane Garofalo turns it around on his lackey here, essentially ambushing the ambusher. And since he can’t dispute her logic, he resorts to casting aspersions on her physical attractiveness. Gee Bill-O, that’s mature. Why don’t you just screech “I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I?!” while throwing tanbark at her?

You ain’t exactly an Adonis, yourself. (Oh, right: Only women have to be attractive — “attractive” here meaning “thin, white, blonde, big-boob’d”, no other forms of physical beauty being deemed acceptable — since our only purpose is to be sexual playthings/semen receptacles/fetus incubators for the morally and intellectually superior menz.)

For another, and I hate to blow your tiny mind, but I’m pretty sure lots of men (and women) find Ms. Garofalo attractive. It is she (along with Tina Fey) that my brother wistfully invokes when he laments the fact that the concept of “Geek Hot” doesn’t seem to exist in the South.

I’m actually amazed Bill-O aired this at all, since he has a tendency to kill “ambushes” that go awry and show him up for the drooling moron that he is. Perhaps his stupidity is such that he didn’t even realize how stupid it made him look.


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