sakirin mosque

sakirin mosque 1

Last week the Sakirin Mosque opened in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s the first mosque in the country to have an interior designed by a woman, Zeynep Fadillioglu.

Admittedly, I haven’t been inside a lot of mosques and don’t know much about how light and open space is supposed to work in them, traditionally. I just know that this has a crazy gorgeous interior, with a lovely soaring, open feel to it. It’s got lots of gold in the color scheme, but it manages to be tasteful and elegant, instead of looking like Trump Mosque. The unfinished wood accents contrast nicely. And I love how the “dripping chandelier” catches and magnifies natural light. I want that thing in my house!

I would love to pray here, were it not for the fact that I’m, y’know, an atheist. But my point is: If this space makes me feel spiritual, then I guess you could definately say it “works”.

sakirin mosque 4

sakirin mosque 6

sakirin mosque 5

 This site’s in Turkish, but you can view a slideshow of 33 beautiful photos.


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  1. udin
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 04:40:02

    what a beautiful mosque ……


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