cemeteries & scary movies

Saturday I went to Centerville Pioneer Cemetery and shot a 12-exposure roll of 120 in my Diana F+, then put on the 35mm back and shot a 36-exposure roll of 35mm. I also shot a 10-pack of Instax.

history loversHow nice! However, I can’t see that the alleged “renovations” accomplished anything. It’s still a patch of weedy dirt with a few half-assed unraked gravel walks. Maybe they didn’t raise enough money to finish or something.

Still a nice, quiet place to spend a couple of hours.

I didn’t take any didgital photos inside the cemetery because I already shot digital a couple years ago; you can see that set here.

The cemetery is in the same area as downtown where they have the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and they were still packing stuff up when I got there. I took a photos of this guy waiting for his ride as I was drinking a soda and waiting for it to be time to go down to the bus stop. It’s a nice place to sit, right outside the cemetery, there’s a bench in the shade and you can watch the trains going through the station right down the street.

the lavendar seller

It doesn’t look as good as it did in my mind, mostly because he was in the shade, so the exposure had to be fiddled with a lot. Still, there’s something about the composition, the buckets and way he’s looking to the side, that I like.

Also: Hey, I guess we do have some brick buildings after all! A few of the buildings downtown are pretty old, by Bay Area standards. I’d say they were screwed in an earthquake, but eh. They didn’t fall down during Loma Prieta, so I guess they’ll stand for a while longer.

When I got home I found The Descent in my mailbox, courtesy of Netflix, which I gotta say was one of the better horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. Even before the Big Bad shows up, the setting (tight, cramped, pitch black caves — it’s about a group of women who go spelunking, and Very Bad Things happen) has you freaking out. Also, it’s an all-women cast, which is unusual. And unlike most horror films, there isn’t that yucky layer of misogyny, where they’re helpless whining ninnies who get nastily ripped to shreds. SPOILER ALERT! —–> Okay yeah, they all die (probably; the DVD has the original ending, not the lame ending the studios forced Neil Marshall to tack on for American release), but they go out fighting. More like Vasquez in Aliens then Marion Crane in Psycho.

I hear they’re making a sequel, but it’s not being written or directed by Neil Marshall, and it’s probably gonna suck.


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  1. cha0tic
    May 26, 2009 @ 05:06:09

    I’m not sure I could cope with watching ‘The Descent’ again without a resuscitation team on standby. It is a genuinely scary & creepy film.

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