who would jesus torture?

Wait, you guys SUPPORT this? Wow, talk about missing the point! *facepalm*

Wait, you guys SUPPORT this? Wow, talk about missing the point! *facepalm*

A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that the more frequently you attend church, the more likely you are to support torture. Perhaps Christians (I wish the poll had also included atheists and Muslims and Buddhists) are innured to it because frequently attending church is also a form of torture. Hey-o!

Being an atheist, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me at all. Christians who support torture (and I’m not claiming it’s all of them; I know more than a few who are adamantly against it) are always like “Well, what if it would save your loved ones, HUH HUH HUH??” These are the people who think 24 is a documentary, I guess.

But ethical dilemnas aside, I also don’t support it because it doesn’t work. And the torture of Muslims in American custody is the #1 recruiting tool used by Islamic terrorist organizations. So congrats, torture enthusiasts: You’re actively making us less safe.

I recently got into this very debate on Plurk. Upon being challenged with “Oh yeah, why don’t you link us to some info that proves it doesn’t work, you terrorist-hugging hippy!”, I promptly supplied about a half dozen links, all leading to articles in which experienced military and intelligence officials discussed the unreliability of information obtained under torture and the efficacy of non-violent interrogation. Upon which, the Plurkers who had been accusing me of being “PC” and “delusional” immediately shut up and disappeared. GEE, THAT’S FUNNY, I WONDER WHERE EVERYONE WENT.


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