first roll of 35mm from the Diana F+

I kinda screwed up: These should have been square, with sprocket holes; but like a dummy, I took it to a drugstore lab, and of course they fucked it up. Even on the CD, they cropped the sprocket holes out and enlarged to get a rectangular format, so a lot of the tops got cut off. I figured the prints would be like that — and I really only order prints from the drugstore so I can see right away what the images look like; my main goal is getting them on CD so I can upload them to flickr. I thought they scanned the negatives to get them on the CD, so I’m kind of disgruntled that they even got that wrong.

Oh well, it’s not like I shot anything earth-shattering anyway, it was a practice roll so it’s pretty much just stuff I saw on my daily round. Lesson learned: Stick to the standard regular template, or send it out to a pro lab*.

Even still, there’s a few shots worth keeping:






*Speaking of which, I got an email from Dwayne’s Photo yesterday that they’ve mailed back the film I sent on April 18th, with the prints and CDs I ordered. I sent another batch to Dale Laboratories a week before that, and they’re supposed to be faster, so I called to see what was up. Apparently there was a problem with the machine that develops 120 or something, but it’s in the queue to be mailed. It might have gone out yesterday; if not, it will today. I’m kind of irritated that they didn’t let me know there was going to be a delay, they had my phone number AND email.

So, I think I’m going to stick to Dwayne’s. They aren’t as slow as I was led to believe, they have better customer service, they’re closer (Kansas; Dale Labs is in Florida), and they cost about 1/3 less than Dale Labs. Unless the product turns out to be of noticably poorer quality, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case, because a lot of people in the Lomo community use them.


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