bento #79: curried lamb meatballs


Kind of a smorgasbord today. The flatbread and hummus are leftovers, the olives and pepperoncini I already had on hand.

  • Curried lamb meatballs. I used Jesse’s recipe for lamb burgers (I’d link it but Pandagon seems to be down at the moment); you don’t need to change any of the ingredients for meatballs, just form them into balls slightly smaller than golf balls, and bake them at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes.
  • Goat cheese. The idea is to eat the meatballs and cheeseballs together.
  • Flatbread flowers with white bean hummus.
  • Pepperoncini and olives.
  • Pixie tangerine.
  • Chocolate covered caramels.

ETA: Pandagon is back up! Here is the recipe I used. I really like the use of yogurt as a binding agent instead of egg. It really gives it a different flavor.


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