maybe if it was a teacup from a carnival ride? THAT would impress me.

SPL94275_013Okay, this can no longer be ignored: What is the deal with the teacup Lady Gaga carries everywhere?

I know all these dumb white bitches have to have annoying affectations, because they sure as hell don’t have talent. But Gwen Stefani hauled around a troop of Japanese schoolgirls wearing bizarre matching outfits and punk-geisha make-up. Think of the effort all that coordination takes: you gotta pay their airfare and buy their clothes and have make-up artists and hair stylists and choreographers for them. And Lady Gaga wants me to be impressed with her dainty little cup and saucer?

Mind you, a lot of people say the Harajuku Girls are exploitative and smack more than a little of racism, and those people wouldn’t get an argument from me. They’re people, not exotic pets, and making them dance around in matching outfits plays into all kinds of yucky stereotypes about Asian women and submissiveness.

I’m just saying, on the scale of stupid, attention-whoring affectations, it’s impressive. I’m not going to be impressed with some bimbo-come-lately who’s all “Look at me! I have a teacup and old-timey lipstick!” GO BIG OR GO HOME, GAGA.


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