wait, the snakes were fighting monkeys? i must have gone for popcorn during that part.

Snakes on a Plane made its teevee debut last weekend. Gee, I wonder how they made the most infamous line in the movie network-friendly?

*spit take*

I don’t think this is a ham-handed network dub. It’s too seamless, and that’s clearly SLJ’s voice. Nowadays, a lot of movies will film a profanity-free alternate version at the same time or shortly after the principle filming. (Ironically, its main purpose is so it can be used as an inflight movie. I don’t know what kind of sadistic airline would show SoaP to its passengers, though.) As long as the consonants and syllable count are close enough to match the lip movements (thus “motherfuckin'” becomes “monkey-fightin'”), the producers usually don’t care what words are used. And there’s a tradition of using the most insane gibberish that the actors can get away with. There’s an extra on the Shaun of the Dead DVD about it.

So I would bet you money that SLJ purposely chose to yell the most bizarre combination of M-F adjectives he could think of. I wonder how many takes it took before he could do it with a straight face?


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