global warming: it’s all the fatties’ fault!

golddiscoball1 Unfortunately, this “It’s YOUR fault the ice caps are melting, fatass!” bullshit “science” is nothing new. As a fat woman who a) doesn’t own a car, and b) isn’t going to have children (not adding more polluters to the planet is the single best thing you can do for the environment*), I don’t feel the need to address it again. Not to mention that shifting the onus for stopping pollution from corporations to individuals is disengenuous to the point of being grotesque. And Anna N. already pointed out at Jezebel that gee, maybe the real problem is with shitty infrastructure that doesn’t offer realistic alternatives to driving, HMMM??

But what makes this particular article worthy of mockery is this bizarre aside:

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, president of the Faculty of Public Health said shifting the population weight distribution back to that of the 1970s would do quite a lot to help the planet. “In the 1970s we had bigger portions of vegetables and smaller portions of meat and there’s been a shift in the amount of exercise we do.

Right, everyone ate more vegetables and exercised more in the 1970s. I’m sure the fact that everyone was also doing MOUNTAINS OF COCAINE is just some kind of kooky coincidence.

Socially clueless dork scientists are adorable. At least until they start placing all the world’s ills on my hips and butt.

*Could we please avoid having the same flame war that always ensues when I say this? I’m not saying no one should ever breed again, for the good of the environment; I’m not even claiming the environment is why I’m never having children. If you have children, you shouldn’t need me to approve your decision to do so, so save the huffy, defensive comments.


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