my name is sarah, and i’m a diana addict


I bought a couple accessories for my Diana F+ this week. I didn’t buy the flash when I bought the camera, because I don’t really like using the flash on my digital — even at night, I prefer ambient light, and if the subjects are blurry, well, who cares? Not everything has to be crisp and sharp to be interesting. But of course analogue film doesn’t absorb as much light as digital without really long exposures, so I decided to go ahead and get the flash. It’s the “F” in “F+”, after all.

It comes with a set of colored gel filters, so I think I’m going to cross Colorsplash off my list of must-have Lomo cameras. I think I’ll probably also eventually get a fisheye lens for it, and not bother getting the Fisheye 2 camera. I’d rather have a lot accessories for a few cameras than a lot of cameras that only do one thing. (Although I do still want a Holga and an LC-A. The Holga I will probably get soon, they  aren’t expensive — but the LC-A is, and will have to wait.)

I also bought a 35mm adaptor, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. 120 is gorgeous and I love the old-school feel of it, but there’s no denying it’s pricey to get developed. Although I’ve found a couple of mail order places, Dale Photo and Dwayne’s Photo, through flickr and my LJ Lomo community. The former is a little more expensive, but has a faster turnaround and provides postage-paid mailers; the latter is less expensive (so much so that, were they not vouched for, I would be suspicious of the quality), but has a longer turnaround, and you have to buy bubble pack mailers and pay the postage yourself.

It’s not just the cost, though: it’s the time. 35mm is fast; I like being able to drop it off at the closest drug store and have negatives, prints, and a CD in one hour. There’s something frustrating about shooting what you think may be a great roll of 120, but having to mail it off and not being able to know if it’s great or if it sucks, sometimes not for weeks. Plus 35mm film is cheaper and easier to obtain, so I’d feel more free to experiment with it. The Diana’s shutter release is not connected to the film advance, which makes double exposures a no-brainer, but I haven’t tried any yet because I’m leery of wasting 120 film.

The adaptor comes with 4 frames, 2 of which use the negative right up to the edge, so that the sprocket holes become part of the photo. I like that a lot. It’s not arriving until next week, I’ll be in a fury of impatience until then!

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  1. aldanad84
    Apr 17, 2009 @ 10:24:44

    Hey I love Diana cameras too! While I don’t have one I think they take awesome pictures! I love the photos you captured. I am a photographer as well and I just started a wordpress to post my pictures…


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