iowa?! get your shit together, california!

300px-iowasign Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upholds 2007 decision that marriage can not legally be restricted to heterosexual couples only.

Darn those fancypants coastal state libruls!… Wait, Iowa?!

The Iowa Supreme Court this morning upheld a Polk County judge’s 2007 ruling that marriage should not be limited to one man and one woman. The ruling, viewed nationally and at home as a victory for the gay rights movement and a setback for social conservatives, means Iowa’s 5,800 gay couples can legally marry in Iowa beginning April 24. There are no residency rules for marriage in Iowa, so the rule would apply to any couple who wanted to travel to Iowa.

Hellooooo, tourist buxx!

I can pretty much gaurantee they’ll have a proposed state constitution ammendment during their next election. Gay Iowans, and Iowans who aren’t douchebags, prepare yourselves! Organize! Don’t think your work is done beause of this decision! Believe me, I know whereof I speak. I wish I didn’t.

The ruling is viewed as a victory for the gay rights movement in Iowa and elsewhere, and a setback for social conservatives who wanted to protect traditional families.

Protect them from what, exactly? No one can ever actually answer this question. Do “social conservatives” (read: bigoted assholes) think same-sex marriage is going to be required?

The kinds of people who not only vote for measures like Prop H8, but actively campaign for them, always come across as weirdly invested in the idea that “the gay lifestyle” is one non-stop drug-fueled group sex orgy. They simply can’t wrap their heads around the fact that most gay people want the exact same things out of life as “normal” Americans: To get married, have some kids, and take them to Disneyland. I think they really do believe that same-sex legalization is all a trap to lure everyone into some kind of depraved debauchery. It would be amusing if it didn’t have such a negative aspect on other people’s lives and rights.

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