fish heads aren’t actually that roly poly, now that i think about it

It sure seems like everyone is griping about the time change this year. Am I the only person who likes it? I mean okay, yes it throws off my sleep patterns something awful (I woke up at 4:30 Monday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep) so I’m stumbling around more asleep than awake for a few days. But I enjoy having more light in the evening. The days get longer on their own, obviously; but I’m in favor of hurrying the process along as much as possible. For one thing, walking/cycling home while it’s still light out = less chance of getting run over. For another, there’s more chances for photography.

And that was my terrible segue! I’ve been meaning to take photos of 99 Ranch’s live seafood department for months, but people are so weird about photographing in stores and public places in the last few years. Although what nefarious purpose there could be to taking a photo of a tub of catfish heads, I’m sure I couldn’t say. So anyway, I was trying to be fast and all on the DL, so these aren’t that great. I need to sack up and go back and do it justice.


I’m pretty sure that one floating upside down isn’t “live”.


I’ve often wondered how one goes about preparing fish heads. Is it like headcheese? Or do you just steam them, plop them on a plate, and dinner is served??


They look a little unhappy.


This is the one that needs to be shot again the most. It’s blurry because I didn’t want to use a flash, and I didn’t get interesting angles. It’s mostly just the bottoms of the heads, and I wanted to get their faces and stuff.


I turned a couple of them into Poladroids, because I still think they’re neat.



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