is “christian salt” sold in pillar form?

Please pass Lot's wife. My pork chops are a little bland.

Please pass Lot's wife. My pork chops are a little bland.

So, some Christian wingnut has his panties in a knot over the widespread love of teevee chefs for kosher salt. Apparently he thinks it’s some kind of Jewish plot to make everyone inadvertantly convert to Judaism by using salt that’s been blessed by rabbis. Is this the same cabal of Jews that runs Hollywood and all the world’s banks?

The only problem with this deranged fantasy is that kosher salt is not “blessed by rabbis”. Pretty much all salt, including regular table salt, is kosher by default. In fact, nothing that’s kosher has been blessed by rabbis — “kosher” simply means that a rabbi made sure the preparations followed certain Jewish dietary rules.

It’s called kosher salt because it’s the most commonly used salt to make meat kosher — the large grains more effieciently remove blood from the meat, and eating blood is forbidden in Leviticus (along with picking all the grapes off the vine and wearing blended fabrics). The reason it’s preferred by chefs and home cooks (like me!) is sadly not because we’ve been duped and brainwashed by Teh Evil Krist-Killurz. It’s because it doesn’t contain any additives, and because the large grains are easier to handle, especially for people who tend to measure by hand (again, like me).

He’s started selling Christian salt. It’s regular salt that’s been blessed by an Episcopal priest (and that no doubt carries a mark-up of several hundred percent). So hey, maybe he’s not an ignorant, anti-Semitic jerkbag. Maybe he’s just making a quick buck off people who are. God bless capitalism!


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  1. Mark
    May 16, 2009 @ 22:51:09

    Excuse me. Why is it anti-semitic to buy non-kosher certified products?

    I’m not jewish. Why should I pay for kosherization? You are the “jerkbag”. And I’ll be buying the non-kosher products to support Christian charities.

  2. pinstripebindi
    May 18, 2009 @ 09:01:43

    I didn’t say it’s anti-Semitic to buy regular table salt, you dimwit. It’s anti-Semitic — and cynical — to deliberately misrepresent what “kosher” means so you can make a buck off gullible and narrow-minded people.

    Did you even read my post or the linked article? You aren’t “paying extra” for “kosherized salt”. ALL REGULAR SALT SOLD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION IS KOSHER BY DEFAULT. And you are a damn fool if you believe that claptrap about “Christian charities”. Unless that’s his pet name for the wad of cash he keeps squirreled away under his mattress. If you’re so afraid of the taint of Jewiness that kosher food carries, just by non-kosher anything. IT’S NOT EXACTLY HARD TO FIND.

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