tricky geisha, shady characters, and the providential arrival of bread at the asian supermarket


geisha-with-parasol-wip-11I don’t usually abandon one project to start another one, but I got bit with the bug to start this this weekend. This is something I worked on (or tried to) in Louisiana, but it’s a kit, so the colors aren’t labeled. There are 5 shades of pink and I kept getting them mixed up. After the 4th or 5th time I realized I’d made a huge blunder and would have to rip out a bunch of stitches, I saw red and threw it in the trash. But I really liked it (geisha designs are a sort of sub-hobby of mine), so I bought another kit last month. I’m being veeeeery careful not to fuck it up again.

My weekend was uneventful, but I got my bicycle fixed. Yay! It was easy, the problem was that when I put the rear wheel back on, I re-attached the bracket that connects the wheel with the coaster brakes in the wrong position, so it was pushing the wheel out of alignment and causing it to rub against the fender. I just had to unscrew it, move it, and screw it back on. It’s very satisfying to be able to fix problems yourself.

When I was doing that, some random guy wandered by and offered to buy my bicycle for $8. Umm, WTF? He was all “That’s what I would pay at a flea market!” I was like “So go find a flea market and buy yourself one. This bicycle cost me $250 and is my only vehicle.” There’s no reason why shady characters should be wandering our neighborhood, which is way off the main cross street in a cul-de-sac, so I made sure to lock my bicycle up, which I rarely do.

I didn’t get my paycheck this week, because corporate has started a new mailed-to-home policy, in the interest of further complicating my life and making a huge pain in my ass. My boss was late signing off on my timesheet, which is probably the problem. Luckily I have this habit of always having way more food in the freezer and pantry than I could possibly need in any given month, so I won’t starve.

Also, 99 Ranch started carrying ordinary sandwich bread — it’s from their own bakery and kind of a weird size, but it’s really yummy and makes great toast. My point being: There is no longer any reason for me to shop at Safeway instead. Unless I need like, tortillas or something. Something not Asian OR Caucasian.

Let me end with a word of friendly advice: If someone without a car politely declines your offer of a ride, please just graciously accept it. Do not keep them standing in the rain arguing with them about it, so that they miss their bus and are late to work. Look, when I started this, I made a vow that I wasn’t going to rely on other people or go crying to someone with a car every time a drop of rain fell from the sky or the temperature rose above 76 degrees. I neither want nor need your help, KTHNXBYE. Besides, you aren’t actually helping me; you’re just creating a situation where I now need to find a ride HOME. Or walk it.


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