bento #71: rolled boneless short ribs


A lot of this is “freezer stash” — most bento hobbyists have staples than can be made ahead of time and frozen, for whenever you need a quick lunch, haven’t had time to go to the store, or just don’t have any inspiration that week. My freezer staples are bags of frozen dumplings, meatballs, and rice in both pre-molded onigiris and loose. Whenever I make rice, I put at least half a cup in a ziploc and stash it in the freezer. Defrost it, and it makes great fried rice.

  • Fried rice with a little broccoli I had left from last week’s bento.
  • Mushroom gyoza with ponzu shoyu
  • Boneless short ribs, rolled up and picked to save space. I found these at 99 Ranch for only $3.50 a pound!
  • Grape tomatoes and cucumber flowers with ranch dressing.
  • Honey tangerine.

Does anyone else think this has been an excellent year for citrus? Tangerines, oranges, tangelos, mandarins, grapefruit — they’ve all been exceptionally juicy and sweet since around Christmas.


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