welcome to fail town, governor jindal. population: you.

I don’t have a television at present, so I had to wait until this morning to watch both Obama’s speech, and the GOP “rebuttal” to it, as presented by Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

Having watched the latter, I have just one question: Does Gov. Jindal always sound like Kenneth Parcell addressing a classroom of special needs preschoolers? You know a conservative has blown it when even Faux News is like “Yeah, no… that sucked.” I won’t even bother to address the content, which was basically that working 80 hours a week for $1.50 an hour will save us from the Great Depresssion 2, wrapped in a lot of feel-good pablum. And things like volcano-monitoring and high-speed rail trains won’t help, because it’s all going to be done by magic, and therefore won’t create any jobs outside the very small Dark Wizard sector.

And for your information Gov. Jindal, people do still say that at any given time, half the state of Louisiana is under water and the other half is under indictment. For fuck’s sake, my mother said it last week.


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