brother, can you spare $100 million in federal buxx?

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal may turn down $100 million in federal stimulus money. My jaw literally dropped when I heard about this. It’s transparently obvious that Jindal is bucking for either the veep or presidential slot on the ticket in 2012 — he was a possible veep nom for McCain last year, but had enough brains to see that Obama was going to win in a comical blow-out.

Look, all politicians, to one degree or another, are constantly manuevering for the next rung up the ladder. It’s just human nature, when you have a job that comes with a 2-4 year lifespan. I wouldn’t even argue with the conservatives who claimed that Obama started running for President the day he gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. It’s just that that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker for me, because I think it is possible to “interview” for your next job while still actually doing the job you already have.

But Jindal is going to massively fuck over the people who elected him, just so he can say in 2012 that he never touched that dirty commie money. If citizens of Louisiana have to start living in their cars and eating a diet of ramen, so be it. My mother — who did NOT vote for Jindal — says he spends more time in other southern states these days than he does in Louisiana. He’s already campaigning. He’ll probably use the old “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” line. By turning down the money, he gets to stick to the GOP talking points AND use the opposition’s “failure” to improve the lives of his constituents — which is really HIS failure — to his advantage. God, you almost have to admire it.

You know what kills me? The dumbfucks would probably re-elect him tomorrow, because hey! At least he’s agin’ abortion and fags gettin’ married! You know, the things that have no impact on our lives but which we are insanely obsessed with anyway!!

HuffPo makes the argument that GOP politicians who talk about refusing to accept stimulus money for their states are unpatriotic.


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