hey, free teevees!

toshiba tv with dvd player I think I’ve decided what television I’m going to buy, it’s this Toshiba LCD with integrated DVD player — one less thing to hook up! I’ll give my crappy old Wal-Mart brand one to a thrift shop. It’s got good customer reviews as to picture and sound; there are a lot of complaints about channel changing times, but for the price, I can live with that.

The only thing I have to decide on is the size. The 15″ is $215, the 19″ $255, and the 22″ $305. I don’t want to go any bigger than 22″. I know you’re probably saying “Just get the biggest one you can afford, duh.” But there isn’t a lot of room in that corner, and I don’t like televisions that are so huge that they completely dominate the room.

Another concern is that I absolutely don’t want to wall-mount it. For one thing, it’s not my house, and I’m leery of drilling hardware into the walls; for another, it’s an old house and the plaster in the rooms is rock hard. Just pounding in nails to hang pictures was a chore. So it has to be small enough to stand without overbalancing.

Related: I’m trying to put stuff in my Netflix queue, but you know how it is: When you try to think of something that should be really obvious, like movies or books, your brain locks up. Movie recommendations! When people ask me what kinds of movies I like, my answer is “Uh, movies that don’t suck?” I don’t like romcoms/chick flicks unless they’re exceptional and not awash in stereotypes; I like horror but not shitty horror like the Saw sequels or re-makes directed by Michael Bay; I like old movies but generally nothing before the ’60s because they tend to contain horrifying shit like, say, Mickey Rooney’s performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. “I CARRING THE PORRICE, MISS GORIGHTRY!” UGH.

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