i am SICK. OF. RAIN.


If you know me at all, you know what it would take to make me say that. Like say, if it rained NON-FUCKING-STOP from Saturday night to early Wednesday morning.

I like rain. I always have. It doesn’t rain from April to October in most of California; I was born during one drought and spent most of my adolescence in another. Drought is an inescapable fact of life in California, like hurricanes in Louisiana or stupid people in Florida. I would always tell people to STFU when they started wailing about the AHMAHGAWD QUARTER INCH OF RAIN IN THE DEAD OF WINTER!!1! Meanwhile, people in like, Milwaukee are tunneling through snow from their front door and chipping their cars out of solid ice just to get to work.

But I have just about had it with the rain this month. It’s rained nearly every day so far. I’m sick of my shoes and coat always being damp because they never get a chance to dry out. I’m sick of finding ants in the bathroom because their nests are getting flooded. I’m sick of my book, journal, and Moleskine that I carry around with me getting warped.

Last night when I got off the bus, there was so much water on the sidewalk — the perfectly level, higher-than-the-street sidewalk — that it ran over the tops of my shoes and filled them. And the other day, when I pulled the head of the mattress away from the wall to change the sheets, I found a patch of MILDEW on the wall. It was pretty small and fairly dry, but STILL. GROWING INCHES AWAY FROM WHERE I LAY MY HEAD AT NIGHT. *gag*

The above photo is our street. The closest driveway is ours. The tree at the end of this pond has a root system that makes the gutter buckle, and it acts as a dam to the stormdrain. The city keeps saying they’re going to remove it, but I’ll believe that when it happens. It was actually a LOT worse during the rain, reaching out nearly halfway across the street. But I heard a street sweeper go past a couple times this morning while I was getting ready for work, and it probably pushed some of the water over the hump, where it was able to drain.

We’re supposed to get 3 days of clear weather, then the rain comes back on Saturday. Good thing I’ll have Season 2 of Dexter, which I FINALLY bought, to keep me busy. Plus my Netflix stuff is supposed to start arriving tomorrow. I signed up for the 2-at-a-time plan. I think the first DVDs I’m getting are The Skeleton Key (that movie is almost good enough to erase the stench from the rest of Kate Hudson’s career) and the first disc of Kingpin. Mas y mas!


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