cats who read, broken televisions, & epic rain


Hey, remember how I bragged that my cathode tube teevee was still perfectly fine? Yeah, that was clearly tempting fate, because it died on Saturday.

I had just come home from the bank and getting groceries — the school has started mailing our paychecks, so I won’t get it until I get home on Friday and take it out the mailbox. At least it’s there by then; I was worried at first that it wouldn’t be mailed until Friday and I’d have to wait until the middle of the week to get it. So anyway, I flicked on the television as I was putting groceries away, and as soon as it warmed up all the way, it just clicked off and stubbornly refused to turn back on.

*grumble* I don’t think 10 years is very long for a major appliance. Still… I do sleep with it on nearly every night, so it’s probably more like 20 years old, in terms of hours used.

I don’t even know how much televisions cost nowadays. I think that was $299, but that was a decade ago, and it’s an obsolete technology, so it’s not much a yardstick. Also, how do you dispose of old televisions? You can’t just chuck them in the garbage can, don’t the old ones have lead in them?

I don’t want to buy some piece of shit just because it’s all I can afford, so I think I’ll save up a couple of paychecks and just rely on my portable DVD player and Hulu for a while.

So I got a lot of reading done this weekend. It feels like years since I just read for hours on end. I still read more than the average person; but it tends to be on the bus/waiting for buses, 30 minutes before going to bed, an hour or two on the weekends. I re-read a bunch of Raymond Chandler novels, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I read The Lady in the Lake, which is my favorite, because I love the way he writes about the mountains in that book. And I re-read Farewell, My Lovely, which is my brother David’s (who turned me on to Chandler) favorite. It certainly has more Chandlerisms per square inch, including probably his most famous: “A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window.” Right now I’m on The Big Sleep.

In other news, it’s been pissing down rain non-stop since Saturday night. I feel like I’m in one of those old Ray Bradbury stories that takes place on Venus. I actually took a cab to work today, the buses are on holiday schedule because of President’s Day. I’d have to walk or bicycle at least a half hour to get to work, and it’s just too damn wet for either activity.


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