in case you were planning on going all office space on your old CTTV

Congress postpones digital transition to June.

Fun fact: I still have a cathode-tube television. It’s the first television set I ever bought, in 1998. (For the first couple of years after I moved out the ‘rents house I used an old portable that Phil used to take with him when he worked weekends on Air Force bases.)

I get my signal through satellite, so it’ll still work after the transition. Every once in a while I think about upgrading to a hi-def, but there are other things I’d rather spend money on (like cameras). Besides, I’m not really sold on the technology. Every time I’ve watched a hi-def television at someone else’s house, I’m always distracted by how much make-up the men are wearing, and how obvious the women’s plastic surgery is. (My brother Rian likes that show Desperate Housewives, and golly gee, Nicolette Sheridan is kind of horrifying in hi-def.) I don’t want to be watching Lost and find myself thinking “Wow, Sayid could really use a toner for those pores”.

Only slightly related: I usually fall asleep watching The X-Files on Sci Fi channel. Which means I usually wake up a few hours later (yay, insomnia!) while they’re playing some terrible movie. This week they’re runnning a bunch of the Hellraiser movies. Not any of the good ones, mind you; the more recent ones that have gone straight to video. How many are there, anyway? I noticed they stopped numbering them after a while, presumably because roman numerals eventually get confusing.

So anyway, the other night, out of idle curiosity, I hit the “info” button on my remote to get the movie description. And it said something like “A reporter uncovers an underground group that can bring people back from the dead, much to the dismay of Pinhead”. And maybe I was just sleep-deprived, but I found myself giggling idiotically over the mental image of Pinhead “dismayed”. I mean it’s not really an emotion you would associate with a Cenobite, is it?

Heavens to Betsy! I am EVER so dismayed!!

Heavens to Betsy! I am EVER so dismayed!!


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