and you probably thought your navel was just a scar caused by the removal of your umbilical cord!


In case women were starting to think we didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to parts of our bodies being perfect — Nipples just the right shade of rosy pink! Vajayjays not all dangly and sloppy-looking! — now we get to wonder what kind of message our belly button is sending:

“I propose that umbilicus, together with the surrounding skin area, is an honest signal of individual vigor,” Sinkkonen wrote in the latest issue of The FASEB Journal. “More precisely, I suggest that the symmetry, shape, and position of umbilicus can be used to estimate the reproductive potential of fertile females, including risks of certain genetically and maternally inherited fetal anomalies.”

Dr. Sinkkonen did not opine on men’s belly buttons, which apparently serve a function other than being the human equivalent of looking at a horse’s teeth before you shell out money for it. Like serving as the centerpieces for some of the most hideous tattoos ever inked on human skin.


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