because i don’t have enough hobbies already

I’ve been doing even less with my weekends than usual, as you might have noticed from the fact that I have nothing to blog about on Monday morning. I think maybe I’ve been a little depressed; on the weekends all I’ve wanted to do is lie under a comforter and watch bad teevee. I haven’t even been doing any needlecrafts. But I haven’t worried about it because I figured it would pass, and everyone has the right to be a lazy lump every once in a while.

A couple weeks ago I bought a couple of rosaries from a friend’s Etsy shop. The ones I already have are beautiful, but very prim and proper, as they were all bought at either Catholic supply stores or cathedral gift shops. Hers are kind of funky, and hand-knotted (as opposed to linked wire), and I thought I needed some funky rosaries.

Well, the beads she used are gorgeous. And I can’t fault her skill, but… here’s the thing: She uses some kind of waxed cord. I’m sure that’s for strength and durability, but it also attracts dirt like you wouldn’t believe. Which then sticks to the wax. So I decided to re-string them.


This one is green tile with bone carved into little stylized skulls. The openings on these beads were big enough for a narrow ribbon, so I used violet silk. (Which is surprisingly cheap.) I thought the color provided a nice contrast, while still being in the same springtime-y, not-quite-pastel group of colors. I simply knotted it once between each Hail Mary and twice on either side of the Our Fathers. I love this rosary, I think it has a great organic look and feel to it.


This one is 6 mm amethyst with Our Fathers of 8 mm hemtatite and another bone skull for the center. (I love the idea of bones and skulls on a rosary because it’s like a memento mori.) The cross is brass and wood. The holes were too small for ribbon, so I used thread. It’s the heavy-duty kind used on material like canvas, but I think I’m going to re-string it on monofilament, just to be on the safe side. Since thread is too small to knot effectively, I used black seed beads to seperate the beads. (I always keep a huge supply of seed beads because I use them in cross stitch and embroidery a lot.)

So I’m really pleased with how both of these came out, and I think I might try making some of my own. There’s a great bead shop in Newark that I used to shop at when I made beaded jewelry. I think for now I’m going to stick to strung and corded rosaries, I don’t really enjoy working with wire. Too rigid and sharp. I’ll probably have to get the crosses at a rosary supply place. There’s a few Catholic stores in the area, one right in Fremont. I’m going to call and see if they sell rosary parts, in addition to rosaries. If not, I can always buy online.


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