an open letter to president obama

Listen bebeh, first of all: Thanks for Lily Ledbetter and getting rid of the Global Gag Rule in your first week on the job. Seriously, that’s more than a lot of presidents manage in a whole term.

But here’s the thing: While I applaud your Hope-y “We will extend our hand if you will unclench your fist” thing in theory, in reality you need to stop caving in to the GOP. You guys have a huge majority now. Use it. Because god knows who this country will elect to Congress in 2010. And then we could have 2-6 years of solid gridlock, just like we did from 1994-2000; even though Clinton showed all kinds of willingness to enact profoundly un-liberal legislation in those first couple of years, like DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

The GOP isn’t interested in working across the aisle. They are openly praying for you to fail — thus dooming this country and its citizens of all political parties to grinding economic depression — out of pure spite. And what did removing contraception funding* from the stimulus plan get you? Jack shit: They still voted against it.

I know the urge to be a better party than the GOP was when they had a huge majority is strong, and it’s one of the reasons we admire you so much. But it isn’t going to help anyone or accomplish anything right now. Right now what the country needs is more of that “I won” attitude. Put that shit into action and fuck the haters!

Love, Me

*And I agree with every feminist blog in existence that the GOP reaction to the this funding is just fucking bizarre. They act like contraception is some crazy perverted thing, like it was the Tijuana Donkey Show funding, instead of something that 98% of all women who have sex use at one time or another. It just proves that conservatives aren’t “pro-life”, they’re “anti-fucking-without-consequences”, be it a baby you can’t afford/don’t want, or a burny crotch. Every single time they get an opportunity to support birth control or responsible family planning — when abortion is not an issue at all — they come out against it. Even though birth control prevents abortions by preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. And even though STDs and teen pregnancy are disproportionately higher in red states.


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