I heard about Poladroid a while back, but at the time it was only available for download on Macs. They said they were working on a Windows version and I was like “Yeah, I’ll hold my breath”. But a blogger I read mentioned it yesterday, so I thought I’d check, and behold! The Windows version is now available.

Poladroid takes your digital photos, and alters then to look like old Polaroids, right down to putting the white frame around the image. Although I’m not sure how accurate it is, because I don’t remember my Polaroid having such cool vignetting or cross-processing effects. But maybe it did; at the time the concept of “Lomography” was not only unknown to me, it didn’t even exist in any organized way. To me they were lousy photos because they didn’t look like reality. It’s funny that the poor quality of those old cameras pushed me into “real” photography, then digital, which the rigidity of made me realize the beauty of those old, unpredictable cameras.

It goes without saying that there’s irony in the medium that pounded the final nail in instant photography’s coffin, now emulating it. It’s also kind of funny that even though I have an instant camera, I still enjoy messing around with this.




See the whole set, about a dozen so far. There’s also a flickr group.


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